What does empadronament mean?


Empadronament (also called Padró) is a city hall registration to inform the municipal register where you currently reside. It is a census record which allows the city to generate a list of local inhabitants. It is mandatory to register (empadronar-se) for anyone who plans to live in Spain more than six months in a year.


How to get the empadronament?


You have to register at the town hall (ajuntament) of the village where you will be staying.

In Barcelona city it works in a different way. You can register at the nearest town hall in your neighbourhood or at the main town hall in the center of Barcelona (Plaza Sant Miquel, 3) , from Mo – Sa 8:30 – 20:00 (August has a special time table) – see more detailed information here.


A list of other offices in Barcelona:


·       District Ciutat Vella – Calle Ramelleres, 17

·       District Eixample – Calle Aragó, 328

·       District Sants-Montjuïc – Calle Creu Coberta, 104

·       District Les Corts – Plaza Comas 18

·       District Sarrià-Sant Gervasi – Calle Anglí, 31

·       District Gràcia – Plaza Vila de Gràcia, 2

·       District Horta-Guinardó – Calle Lepant, 387

·       District Nou Barris – Plaça Major de Nou Barris, 1

·       District Sant Andreu – Calle Segre, 24-32

·       District Sant Martí – Plaza Valentí Almirall, 1


Opening hours: Mo, Tu, We, Fr 8.30 – 14.30;  Th 8.30 – 20.00.

In summer (24.6 – 23.9):  Mo – Fr  8.30 – 14.30


In Barcelona, you can get an appointment by calling 010 or on this website: Solicitud de cita previa

An appointment (cita previa) is required, unless in the main town hall (Pl. St Miguel 3).


Necessary documents:

·       Passport (original + copy)

·       Visa (original + copy) or NIE (if you already have it)

·       Bill that you paid the rent

·       Proof of address:

o  if you rent your accommodation to the property owner:

§  original copy of the title deeds (escritura)

§  last IBI receipt

§  signed copy of the owner's ID (DNI)

§  autorización expresa – document signed by a person already registered (empadronado) at your address


o  if you rent your accommodation to the tenant:

§  original copy of the rental agreement in Spanish/Catalan (contract must be for more than 6 months, signed within the last 5 years)

§  signed copy of the tenant's ID (DNI)

§  autorización expresa – document signed by a person already registered (empadronado) at your address                


The procedure is free of charge.